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Yet another wonderful moment w/ Tyler
Yet another wonderful moment w/ Tyler

I'm Turning 50!

& I am dedicating my birthday & the month to support Tyler's fight against diabetes by helping The Joslin Diabetes Center --  I hope you will consider helping me .... I'm Giving Out Gifts!!!

10 Reasons To Join In & Hel
p (not enough room for 50 reasons):
> I honestly, hate my birthday & asking for help isn't easy for me - it really isn't.  This is your chance to really make me feel awkward and indebted to you!!
> Tyler Scout McSheffrey --- she makes me smile every day, she's brave, she's tough, but this fight has changed "my girl".  I wish I could take away her pain.

> Gifts from me to you:  Sox vs. Yankees for the 8/18 series & lots more will be raffled off to donors of $25 or more.
>All donations via this website are secure & tax deductible.
>Joslin is the world's preeminent diabetes research, clinical care, and education organization.  SERIOUSLY, this would be $$ that would make a difference!!
>Candy corn, cotton candy, restless nights, being strapped with monitoring devices 24/7, feeling isolated, needles and insulin, blood checks, swollen fingers, threat of coma and death .... the list goes on and it sucks.
>Tyler means everything to me, but it’s not just her – over 40,000 kids each year are diagnosed w/ this BS disease!!
>OUR GOAL IS $5,000 or more …. We can do this!!
> No cards, no party, no song or cake .... just a chance to make a difference.  We can do this!
> Hey, I am turning 50, help now, while I still have most my senses!!!

Peace, Smiles and the warmest sincere Thank You possible. 

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